We are looking for buyer who already have experience in this segment of aviation business.

We are selling  a product – “LSA aeroplane VISION, which is ready for setting to the production. Such product is suitable for companies/ factories which have already have experience with aviation production or company which have some aviation history or they are in this aviation business and looking for “production program”. Such company do not need to spend long time ( it is approximately 7 – 10 years for the development of a new type of aircraft ). We offer very modern aeroplane with high performance in LSA category.



VISION Aircraft – with successfully completed flight test


Complete set of high quality composite molds


Welding jigs


Aerodynamic and static calculations for registration in LSA category


Technological drawings and documentation with guidelines of production


Full 3D virtual model of aircraft with each part


Technological support provided by AEROPRO company in the contracted period


After years of development in Aeropro, we are bringing our pride and joy to the aviation community. We are presenting a fast, safe, roomy, quiet and comfortable aeroplane. An aeroplane, which is ready for the future. This is our idea how a modern, two seat aeroplane should look like. This is our Vision!

In 2011, Aeropro began developing the first pre-production Vision. In the development, we used many years of experience in the production of aircraft.  The project involved prominent design engineers, aerodynamicists, a team of designers and technologists. The aim was to design an aircraft with a timeless design, with excellent flight and performance characteristics.
In 2012, the first EuroFOX-VISION 01 verification aircraft was manufactured (fuselage from the original EuroFox + composite wing + composite tail surfaces), which has a flight time more than 670 hours.

The final flight characteristics of the project were verified on the VISION 02 aircraft. He obtained a certificate of airworthiness like EXPERIMENTAL CS-LSA category.  At present, the development of the VISION is completed. All technological molds and frame jig for it‘s production are produced.
The VISION is a two-seater aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category designed up to a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. This aircraft has been designed for the category according to the CS-LSA building code for European certification and ASTM F2245 for certification in the USA.

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Fast and economic


4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders Rotax engine provides 100horsepower. The ultimate flight experience with best power-to-weight ratio and reliability.

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Take the

next step

From design and development to the real product, from Aeropro who already build more than 600 aircrafts. See full specifications.


The front of the fuselage, up to the main bulkhead, is steel tubes cage. From the main partition, it continues as composite shell. The rod construction increases the passive safety of the aircraft crew. The mentioned construction of the fuselage guarantees low weight and at the same time high strength and rigidity. Vision has a unique cross section of the fuselage.



High wing design offers better visibility and stability as well as greater ground clearance.

High performance capability

The Vision has high performance useful 600kg loads capability.

If you have any questions regarding production, technical specifications or flight characteristics of Vision aircraft, we’re here to provide your answers.

Room for comfort

Side by side configuration in combination with 120cm wide cabin bringing more freedom in your journey.

Safety first

Safety of the Vision is one of the biggest feature. We take the necessary preparation and prevention steps to make sure that every flight you take in Vision aircraft is as safe as possible. The Vision is equipped with full-airframe rescue parachute system for your maximum safety.

Garmin inside

The Vision aircraft is powered by the Garmin G3X 10.6″ technology.


Standard features

– Advanced 10.6” LCD touchscreen displays with PFD/MFD functionality and optional engine indication system (EIS) display capability

– Standard SVXsynthetic vision shows terrain, obstacles, airports and 3-D “pathway” windows for flight route guidance

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Easy access

Two large cabin doors allow easy entry  for loading and pilots.