In 2011, Aeropro began developing the first pre-production Vision. In the development, we used more than 30 years of experience in the production of aircraft.  The project involved prominent design engineers, aerodynamicists, a team of designers and technologists. The aim was to design an aircraft with a timeless design, with excellent flight and performance characteristics.

In 2012, the first EuroFOX-VISION 01 verification aircraft was manufactured (fuselage from the original EuroFox + composite wing + composite tail surfaces), which has a flight time of 670 hours.

The final flight characteristics of the project were verified on the VISION 02 aircraft. He obtained a certificate of airworthiness like EXPERIMENTAL CS-LSA category.  At present, the development of the VISION is completed. All technological molds and frame jig for it‘s production are produced.

The VISION aircraft is a two-seater aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category designed up to a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. This aircraft has been designed for the category according to the CS-LSA building code for European certification and ASTM F2245 for certification in the USA.

vision persp 2a big



Max. range (Km)


Maximum Takeoff Weight (Kg)


Never exceed speed, VNE (Km/h)


Fuel capacity (L)


Lenght 6.18 m
Height 2.42 m
Wingspan 10.8 m
Wing Area 11.10 m²
Positive flaps 0°, +10°, +20°, +30°
Negative flaps -3°
Center of gravity 22% – 35% SAT


Never exceed speed, VNE 257 km/h
Max structural cruising speed, VNO 204 km/h
Max operating manoeuvring speed, VA 176 km/h
Max flaps extended speed, VFE 130 km/h
Stall speed with flaps +20°, VS0 75 km/h
Stall speed without flaps, VS1 94 km/h


Maximum Takeoff Weight 600 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 600 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight 100 kg
Basic Empty Weight 385 kg
Design useful weight 215 kg
Minimum crew weight 50 kg
Fuel tanks capacity 2x65 l
Useful fuel 124,5 l

Baggage capacity

Weight 15 kg
Volume 450 l

Cabin interior

Width 1.2 m
Height 1.1 m
Number of seats 2



Garming G3X GDU460 10.6″
Garmin GTR 225
GMC 307 control panel
GPS 660 Aera
Winter 57mm airspeed indicator
Winter 57mm altimeter indicator
GSA 28 servos for autopilot
Electronic elevator trim
Electronic rudder trim
Electronic flaps


Rotax 912 IS 100hp 4-cylinder
Duc Swirl 3

Rescue System

Stratos Magnum 601


Range map

Maximum range of Vision is 1800 kilometers (970nautical miles)


VISION is an high wing aircraft designed with strut. Wing is an all-composite sandwich construction with carbon beams. It is made in negative molds, which ensures the uniqueness and accuracy of repeated production with a very high quality surface. The wings have integrated fuel tanks with a total capacity of 130 liters, which ensures a flight endurance of 9.5 hours and a range of approximately 1,800 km.

The front of the fuselage, up to the main bulkhead, is steel tubes cage. From the main partition, it continues as composite shell. The rod construction increases the passive safety of the aircraft crew. The mentioned construction of the fuselage guarantees low weight and at the same time high strength and rigidity. Vision has a unique cross section of the fuselage.

The tail surfaces are also made from composite sandwich construction with the possibility of removing the horizontal stabilizer. This version of the aircraft has a three-point landing gear with a front wheel. The suspension of the main undercarriage is ensured by the flexibility of the composite legs. The front leg is attached to the fire wall of the aircraft and is sprung by a rubber damper, which is attached to the engine mount. The Front wheel is protected against side vibrations by a hydraulic anti-shimmy damper. The wheels of the undercarriage are covered with aerodynamic covers. The pedal braking system provides independent braking of each wheel separately, which ensures excellent controllability of the aircraft when rolling and parking.

Aeropro Vision design

If you have any questions regarding production, technical specifications or flight characteristics of Vision aircraft, we’re here to provide your answers.

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